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Commercial Air Conditioner Services

Commercial a/c maintenance and repairs are unavoidable. At Bay Area Heating and Cooling, Inc, we supply an extensive range of cooling services to meet each of your commercial a/c replacement, repair, and service needs.

Emergency Ac System Services

Emergencies can and absolutely do occur, when they do, know that we will be there for you! Bay Area Heating and Cooling, Inc has the capacity to deliver emergency air conditioning services at any moment of the day or night. Don’t hesitate to call us the minute an unexpected emergency with your air conditioning unit develops!

24 Hour Air Conditioner Service

We offer services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One of our many service options guarantees that your comfort requirements are accomplished inside a convenient timespan and also even your trickiest air conditioner problems will be fixed today. Your time is extremely precious and our company won’t keep you waiting!

24 Hour Air Conditioner Service

Our company provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One of our many service options ensures that your comfort demands are attained inside a convenient timespan and also even your trickiest a/c troubles will be addressed today. Your time is really precious and our organization will not keep you waiting!


With over two decades of experience providing our customer’s complete satisfaction, Bay Area Heating and Cooling, Inc is a major service provider of air conditioning services. Serving houses and companies within , we complete regular upkeep, repair work tailored to your requirements and budget demands

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Seminole is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. The population was 17,233 at the 2010 census.[7]

Poking around in your HEATING AND COOLING system might cause significant damage that will be pricey to fix. The coils aren’t instantly available, needing you to open areas of the outdoor system to try to find them something best left to experts. Many homeowner do not have access to the best products that will neutralize acid accumulation, so you ‘d be missing an important part of the cleaning process by attempting to do it yourself.

We will make certain to handle all repairs quickly and effectively, restricting the quantity of time you’re stuck without cooling. If you have experienced any indications of a refrigerant leakage, it’s best to call an expert to take a closer look. Continuing to run the cooling system without sufficient refrigerant could damage the compressor, so turn it off and call us at Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning at 912-373-8447.

If you’ve been told that your Air Conditioner’s evaporator coil is damaged, you’re probably thinkingbig offer, I can just change it, right? Well, it’s not always that easy. In some circumstances, changing just the evaporator coil implies it will “inequality” your condenser (the outdoors system). And if the condenser and evaporator inequality in either age, SEER or refrigerant, you’re going to face problems like: We’ll describe what we imply by “mismatching” coils and when you need to replace the entire system versus just the evaporator coil.

Need professional advice on changing your A/C’s evaporator coil vs replacing the entire system? Your AC’s evaporator coil is accountable for absorbing the heat and moisture in your house. Translation? Without the evaporator coil, your AC ain’t cooling your house. Here’s how it works: the evaporator coils are filled with very cold refrigerant.

From there, the refrigerant takes a trip through lines that eventually cause the outside system, where the heat it took in is dumped into the outdoor air. Wish to find out more about what your evaporator coil does? Simply take a look at our detailed blog, The main reason that an evaporator coil would stop working and need to be replaced is due to.

Specific evaporator coil cleaners can also corrode and weaken the outer lining of the coils. The weaker the coils, the more susceptible they are to establishing And when you have a refrigerant leak, it’s typically more expense efficient to entirely change the coil or whole system than to repair the leak and charge the system with more refrigerant (specifically if your A/C takes R-22 refrigerant).

Why? Well, your AC has two coils: The evaporator coil or the “inside coil” The condenser coil or the “outside coil” These coils are both housed within the very same AC system however are still different components that must work closely together to cool your house. That said, replacing simply among these coils might cause major problems for your system.

Your A/C is 8+ years (or older) A/c unit last anywhere from 10 to 12 years. That stated, if your AC is nearing 8 years old, replacing simply the evaporator coil would resemble putting a brand name brand-new engine into a passing away carit’s simply not worth the cash. Plus, if you were to change the coil, it ‘d have a near-death partner to work with.

2. The evaporator coil you need to replace is outdated Every A/C has a “SEER” score (ranging from 13 to 21) that figures out how efficient the system is. The greater the SEER, the more effective the system (and the coil). The federal minimum SEER score is 14. However if you have an older system, it could have a SEER ranking that’s a lot lower than that.

If this holds true, you’ll require to totally replace your unitotherwise you ‘d wind up with an indoor and outdoor unit with mismatching SEER scores. So is it actually all that bad if your AC coils are mismatched in SEER ratings? Yes. Combining an effective 14-SEER coil with an older, less efficient coil resembles installing a V10 engine in a 10-year-old minivanyou’re just not going to get the performance you ‘d expect from the engine, right? Likewise, if you have a low-SEER outdoor coil that’s combined with a highly efficient indoor coil, the outdoor coil will drag down the efficiency of your indoor coilwhich implies you have actually squandered the cash you simply invested on your new evaporator coil.

Your AC unit utilizes R-22 If your unit utilizes R-22, your best option is to change the entire system for one that utilizes R-410A refrigerant. You see, R-22 is an older refrigerant that’s damaging to the environment. Since of this, many countries have actually gradually phased out its use. Since today, So, if your evaporator coil has actually sprung a leak and your system uses R-22, it might get extremely costly to change the coil and then recharge your system with more R-22.

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